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Tips And Tricks for painting and decorating

Howth Decor Tips and Tricks For Your Home

At Howth Decor we realise that making the decision to repaint your home and actually doing it, are worlds apart. Howth Decor want to make your painting experience as painless as possible so here we offer a few solutions when painting the inside of your home:

– Buy the best tools and equipment you can afford, especially paint brushes.

– Buy good quality paint and materials. Buying cheap paint is often a false economy as many more coats are usually required.

– Follow the manufacturers instructions on tins and other materials – don’t always interpret too literally as there is usually a degree of flexibility, especially in diluting paints.

– The most IMPORTANT rule of all. Preparation; filling, sanding down, sealing surfaces, burning off, stripping walls or wood,removing difficult obstacles, replacing broken glass or rotten wood, masking or covering items and surfaces to be kept clean is the mark of the competant professional decorator. Complete all your preparation before you start to decorate.

– Try to ensure that you have bought enough materials to complete the job. This is essential when buying wallpaper. You must ensure that it is all the same batch number.

– Don’t rush the job. Give paints time to dry between coats.

– Keep the area as dust free as possible.

– Don’t wear woollen garments, as the fibres can easily find their way into your paint, if possible wear cotton overalls or jeans and cotton shirt.

For more information on painting your home or for colour advice contact us now.